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6. June 2018

The intrigue has become there for years but in PVDF valve

There, firms like Boeing and Mercedes PVDF valve possess succeeded in printing parts outside of metal, plastic and composites which can be lighter, more resilient and primed to get performance.. As well as the companies are seeing the rewards, right down to the bottom line – in the case of Boeing these parts could save them $3 million USD every 787 Dreamliner jet airliner.

To make things even more challenging, the often-remote nature of projects shows that parts are manufactured, stored and delivered from locations miles away, with the potential for delays plus risk of costly downtime. Furthermore, this remedy might be rendered ineffective by ageing characteristics, where original manufacturers may don’t exist and replacement parts are difficult to explode by.It’s taken time for AM to begin with hitting its stride.

These parts aren’t just simply prototypes either – they’re currently in widespread use, having reached every necessary technical certification. Extreme operating conditions mean that companies burn through critical segments quickly.

By these innovations, it’s not hard to see how AM can go quite a distance in solving one of that oil and gas industry’s more pressing operational challenges: supply sequence risk. Keeping spares on hand can be expensive, with companies often ordering considerably more than they need. The intrigue has become there for years, but in due course, oil and companies are weary of buying new, unproven technology. So where have oil and gas organizations found their confidence? Seeing the success that AM has shipped to the aerospace, automotive and professional medical industries

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