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16. August 2018

Sensors placed around Pipe fittings the house to detect flooding

Guardian is really a smart home monitor with remote computer support access that detects and alerts that you leaks from pipe drips as well as flooding.

It will also roll out to decide on national retailers before April. This is the 2nd leak detection system from Elexa. com in addition to Amazon. Guardian can be purchased now at getguardian. Either remains to be used today, but the ball valve has grown more popular. To use Guardian, your valve has to be a standard quarter-turn ball control device.

This company already makes the Dome Property Automation Water Shut-Off Valve and the Dome Leak Sensors. Your next winter trip towards the Caribbean need not include questions over whether you’ll choose a flooded basement when you return. The innovative Guardian Leak Prevention

System utilizes two components: a valve controller with the pipe, and multiple water-resistant sensors placed around the house to detect flooding in addition to drips. A ball valve is easier to make use of and shuts off water more quickly. We haven’t had a chance to test Guardian yet, but it appears to be a relatively easy system to put in.

The basic starter Pipe fittings series system includes the valve controller plus three sensors for $400. The controller is a simple box that clamps onto a pipe and fits in the main water valve in your residence. There’s no need for the plumber or any advanced familiarity with your home’s pipes.

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