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30. July 2018

Design pvc valve work is required to be completed in 2018

“The force mains they’re epoxy coated … and with time with stones sort of bouncing down the pipe, it can be quite abrasive and it removes that epoxy coating on the outside of and then can ultimately be one place of corrosion and an area that will start to deteriorate, ” mentioned De Pol.The pipes are constructed with ductile iron and severe corrosion was purchased at the lower part, which staff said was likely due to “gravel and grit. It is separated at the send station, some gets through.

“The motor control will be electrical component, ” said De Pol.. ” In line with Sean De Pol, RDN director of water and wastewater products, grit gets into wastewater systems through various sources plus the pump station also accepts septic container sewage, another source of grit. “

We run our pumps during varying speeds and rotating reuse of each one pump depending upon the runs, so we run a lead pump then we put that off service and we run a different one, so there is an electronic digital motor control system that is aging and ought to be upgraded and components replaced. It’s what allows us to operate that pump station in a strong optimal way. ”

Design work is required to be completed in 2018 along with tendering and construction anticipated to get 2019. In addition to be able to pipe replacement, plans will include enhanced rock and gravel removal in the Wholesale pvc valve pump station, expansion of the actual force main valve chamber, septic party upgrades and replacement of generator control

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